This I Believe

John - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on September 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: Christianity

I’d Rather Cry With the Saints

God does not forsake those who follow Him. Up until this year, I struggled to comprehend this fact, because I, like many other human beings, felt abandoned, lonely, heartbroken, depressed, neglected, inadequate, insecure, and most of all forsaken. When those emotions welled up, I saw or heard no God whose thunderous voice would resonate across the heavens and into my soul to rectify those dreadful feelings in a sea of happiness and forgiveness, and ergo, I remained ignorant. Until last year, I only saw God as someone that merely existed, doing good things every once in a while if you believed in Him and Jesus. Last year I attended my neighbor’s bible study and realized that belief was not enough. Even the demons believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, but that will neither save them, nor I, from the infernal pits of Hell.

I learned that God looks for faith. He is not here to make me happy, or relieve me of my pathetic uncertainties. I put my faith in Him, and He will take it from there. Luke 17:6: “and The Lord replied, ‘If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you would say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea.’ And it would obey you.”

Now when I feel any misgivings, it is nothing but necessary to do what my mind sometimes screams at the irony of, and thank God for them. His plan unveils itself upon my final judgment, resenting my path is inane, impious, and pointless. Psalms 42:5, states that in those times of abandonment and doubt, I must put my faith in God. Putting my faith in God was the first step to healing the ailment, and it is the ailment that I struggled with for a long time. But what is the ailment? Is it loneliness? Heartbreak? Abandonment? No. By no means is thanking God going to externally end the problem, but remind me that God is on my side, not against me, as long as I follow Him and His word. Ignorance ailed me; I did not realize faith was not about happiness, and it is not my place to persistently importune for it. Ignorance renders itself as the most fatal of all diseases, spreading through the world of spirituality in the form of misunderstanding.

The truth is it’s not about us, it is about Him. It’s not our life! If we not only believe in Christ, but subject our hearts and souls to Him, then He will never forsake us. This is not my life to waste, but my chance to follow in Christ’s footsteps. What we receive in return is the most anyone can ever ask for: the unconditional love of God and salvation into Heaven. In order for me to have that relationship with God, I must be a soldier of Christ, putting all my faith in Him and be willing to follow Him without question.

God will forsake you, but only if you forsake Him.