This I Believe

Andrew - Peoria, Arizona
Entered on September 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Im an Idiot

My parents make the dumbest rules, but they catch me every time I break them. I have 15 years of experience in this area. From the baseball smashing the window in 5th grade to the backyard bonfires in Jr. High. I’ve been busted for everything under the sun, one event however sticks out in my mind more than anything off roading.

Back in May after a long fight with my parents I finally won the battle to get my first truck, a Toyota 4×4 which I fell in love with after my first time off roading. This truck is not made for the road, it’s called The Beast for a good reason! Well, after three months it was time for an oil change so my dad and I took it to the dealer and had them look at everything just in case. The next day they found 2,700 bucks worth of damage that was there when we bought it, according to the mechanic. The first thing my dad told me after he gave them the credit card was “No more off roading.” Which is like telling a boat owner that he can’t go to the lake.

I didn’t go for a couple weeks but then the rain came and I finally had a chance to go mudding. Mudding is driving in the mud trying to besmirch your truck as much as possible, without getting stuck. So I went with my friends and it was most fun I’ve had in a long time. My truck was covered to the roof in mud. About half way through I got the feeling that I was going to get caught. After our mudding session while everyone else went to school to flaunt their trucks I went home to wash away the evidence in the street. Then I went to practice where I decided it was still too dirty to take home. So I asked my buddy Gardner if I could wash my truck off at his house. After practice we want over and finally got it cleaned. It was almost too clean so on my way home I came up with the story that I drove through a muddy puddle and then I washed it off.

That story lasted for a while but then one day I cracked and told my parents “So I heard a bunch of guys went off roading,” and instantly my mom replied “Ya, so did you.” Now, I’m pretty good at keeping a straight face, but when she said that I couldn’t help but smile. That smirk did me in. She explained me my two mistakes: first, I washed it off in the street leaving a mud spot in the street, second I didn’t wash my tailgate.