This I Believe

Katie - Berrien Springs, Michigan
Entered on August 31, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of friendship.

I am currently eighteen years old and in college far from home. I do not know yet why I am here, but reflection leads to the how. I have made many mistakes. Some of which were drastic and completely irreversible. But the power of friendship has kept me moving in a forward direction.

The summer after my sophomore year in high-school, I made the decision to go all the way across the country to another school to hide from my past. My best friend told me that she would miss me, but that I needed to do this. I braved the fall and survived to tell about it. I would not change that decision for the entire world. I grew immensely that year. The memories still overwhelm me when I take the time to go back and reflect. I had to go back home after graduation. My new best friend stayed late to hug me good bye and to tell me that I was important to them all. Then he drove off into the rain. It is my last memory of that perfect year.

I ended up having to stay home my senior year of high-school. And I fought it. Every single moment. I wanted to be back across the country and living those precious last memories all over again. But somewhere along the way, I let some people into my life by accident and they ended up staying in my heart. The group of us did everything together. We snuck out to the pier at 2 am, we had parties and movies nights. Everything everyone ever hopes to have in high-school.

But life is never perfectly smooth for long. Change happens whether we fight it or accept it. Those best friends of mine and I don’t speak anymore. Something went wrong. And I know where it did. Words can never be taken back and honesty is the most important thing in friendship.

It was about two months ago that we had the whole crew together and laughing. I miss them. And as I sit here in a college dormitory so far from home and everything that I have ever known, I am comforted by the fact that I have a phone date with a dear friend from home tonight. Because you see, friendship gives us the courage to wake up in the morning and go through our day with confidence. It gives us the guts to pack up everything and move across the world for a new adventure. And so I have faith that the new friends that I will soon make here will carry me just as far if not farther. Because I believe in the power and passion of friendship.