This I Believe

Kenneth - Whakatane, New Zealand
Entered on August 30, 2006
Age Group: 65+


To obtain true Spiritual freedom, we surely need to have freedom from Grief, freedom from Doubt, freedom from Fear, and freedom from Loneliness.

Mankind has continually been trying to please “God” so that with his help, we may be free from all the above, if this is true, then we must also believe that “God” is free from all these things, and that our belief in him will set us free.

We then need to “Believe” that we are created in “His” image or likeness, just as the scriptures tells us. There are few who have the power to focus their belief patterns so that this becomes a reality, no matter how strong their belief may be in this amazing Creator.

It is my understanding and that of many others, that we need to do more then just have faith or a belief system, if we are truly to be free and follow the path set before each and every one of us, and fulfil the Destiny allowed in our creation.

To this end we would be better to see Life as a “Journey”, and along that journey we will face Challenges, and Obstacles, Decisions will have to be made as to how we deal with these and that will mean a choice will have to be made.

We will also realize that the decisions we make will often include many changes to many aspects of our daily living, these will effect not only the individual, but the family, friends, work, career, self interests, relaxation, perhaps even our patterns of Love.

If we should be brave enough to take on the responsibility to bring change in our lives so that we help in the creation process to manifest a perfect individual creation, for which remember we were intended to be and we have all the innate ability to be, then we will indeed need to have greater acceptance not only of our own increased potential and higher awareness of our self, but also acceptance of others in their formation and change.

It will be just as important to increase our image or visualization of our potential as a human being, as well as the wider visualization of the potential within the Universe for each and everyone.

We will need to realize that everything can and may change from how we see or understand life at this moment in time.

We will discover along this Journey that what we thought was reality, was really an illusion. We will find that little will remain

real in the sense we saw life before. For our journey is one of continual discovery, each and every day will disclose new dimensions and new challenges. Ken Mills