This I Believe

Veva - Paradise Valley, Arizona
Entered on August 29, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: children, hope

This I believe… that I have been prepared by my life experience to send my first born son off to college. I have hope, hope in him and what type of future he will create. Hope for our future as a citizens of this country, even this world. I see the light in his eyes that will drive him to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

I believe my hope, and yours, starts with willingness to risk, to change, to face fears and to grow. Risks must be taken, even by my sons, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing; only a person who takes risks is free. Many Americans may fear the fight- They may fear the loss of job, reputation, or family. Is our personal freedom worth fighting for? If we do not try to put our future, our government, back in the hands of the people, then one day we could wake up and find the country we thought we once had is gone.

I believe we get out what we put into our children. This is true about anything in life; our government, our country, our jobs, even our future. I look at the beginning of this journey, sending my son to college, like our country has the opportunity to change direction. He has choices and decisions to make, we all have choices and decisions to make. Are we going to limit our choices and our voice, and simply sit in the darkness? Or do you want to strive toward the light, where opportunities and hope can grow? We have the opportunity to look fear in the eyes, gather our strength and walk forward toward the light of hope. I see hope in our future with my sons interest in our country’s future. Just like every young adult walking onto college campuses soon, this is their opportunity to change our country.

I believe we all want freedom, freedom to chose what classes we study, who we love, what we do with our body, minds and what we leave behind. So as I enter this journey watching my son prepare for college, I see the analogy of his preparation for college and our country’s preparing for up coming elections. I hope we can all pursue them with the rights and responsibilities that our votes and thoughts really do matter, each one counts. Even if the system is flawed or broken, if enough of us believe and act we can create change!

We told our sons it is ok to have fear, but to not let it control them… Let it guide them in their decisions and choices. Let us take this fear we all have, and seem to be bombarded by, and change it to hope.

If we believe in something strong enough, we can create it. This is why I believe in hope.