This I Believe

Philip - Kokomo, Indiana
Entered on August 28, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe strongly in my fiancé and her daughter. They have always shared a bond that was so strong. In my opinion they still do to this day.In late March 2006, my fiancé’s daughter was taken out of our lives, and placed in foster care by Child Protective Services.

My fiancé daughter, Cheyenne, father never like the fact that there was someone new in his ex-wife life. So during one of his visits, he took her to Riley hospital, where Cheyenne had to go for medical treatments for her torque, because he suspected that the torque that was in was dirty. When the hospital was done, there were more charges of not only medical neglect, because the torque was dirty, but of child abuse as well.

During the early part of April 2006, we hired an attorney, using the reenlistment bonus I received. The attorney told us that Cheyenne had been admitted to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, and that there was no reason that we could not go and see her.When we saw Cheyenne through the glass window, she cried right out to her mother wanted her to come in and hold her. But as we approached the door, the nurses at Riley prevented that inter-action and had called security on us. Immediately, we called the attorney to inform her what had happen.

Between the attorney and me, we never stop fighting to get Cheyenne back to my fiancé. I was in daily contact with the lawyer getting updates four or five times a day via email just to figuring out what the next step. I worked on non-stop on this, even when it threaten my military career Then in the early part of May 2006, my fiancé was arrested. The lawyer withdrew from the case but told me the bruises were that of normal three year old. I continued the fight for my fiancé and daughter, despite the sever health problems. I was getting statements from family and friends who knew of the relationship between my fiancé and her daughter.

Why did I do this while having a sever health problems and risk loosing my military career? Well the answer is quiet a simple one but a true one. I learned with my job with the Indiana National Guard to always look at things objectively, and not allow my personal involvement to get in the way of how I see things. I once wrote a poem about the actions I observed between the two of them. I noticed how much they were inter-dependent on each other, and the belief the two of them had for each other. I know of the great things that my fiancé wanted for Cheyenne, and Cheyenne always wanted her mommy to be happy.

Now it is near the end of August 2006. Cheyenne is still in foster care. For a couple of months my fiancé has been having weekly visits with Cheyenne. It wasn’t until last Friday when I saw a picture of the two of them together that I realized one thing has never changed since the day that I first saw my fiancé with her daughter. That is the bond between her and her daughter. My fiancé often tells me that I do not understand the pain she is feeling and she right about that; I don’t have a clue. But I see the strength she uses from that special bond between her and Cheyenne to continue the fight to get her daughter back. I see it every day in how she is trying to improve her life. It is that special bond between a mother and a daughter that has not been broken, but has only grown in strengthen into a greater bond. So it is this belief in my fiancé and her daughter as well as the special bond between a mother and her daughter that I believe in.