This I Believe

Gitau - atlanta, Georgia
Entered on August 28, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

What is the UN?

I believe the UN is just like my family, there are those who adhere to the house rules and then there are those who don’t. There is the brother who has to be told to do the dishes and he never does and when he does he must want something in return. In other words if he does the dishes (and here we are talking of loading the dish washer) one can as well ask him what he wants. Then there is the sister who will not lay out the table for dinner and once she does, the same will apply, “honey what is it that you want?” would be the right question. There is the brother-in-law who never comes for dinner or discuss family issues, such as family trips, but when the decisions are reached(such as where to spend the next family gathering) he will be the first one to complain that he was not consulted and he is angry with everyone else including my sister and the three kids who by the way were outside playing jump rope. Then there is my sister-in-law I even wonder how she is even my sister-in-law, what was my brother thinking when he married her? I start to think there has to be someone out there for me, if the two can get “along” and have kids surely there’s got be someone out there waiting for me, I just have to find her, am a nice guy, even though people think am gay. Then comes my gay brother and I don’t want to tell my nephews and nieces what’s up with him when they ask(in there innocence) “why does uncle Jim talk like mamie with his hands waving all around” and I have to try and change the topic since I don’t want to say what I would normally say if they asked those kinds of questions. “why don’t you do go ask uncle Jim, am sure he will answer you”. The last time my brother did that, send the kids to get the answer from the horse’s mouth, he received that look from his wife which basically told him, hey buddy you are not spending the night in the bed room but you are spending the night in the house. And it did happen, and not only that, his madam canceled his Visa to spend time with his drinking buddy for the next two weekends in a row. So this time I was careful to say to the kids “sweetie, look out there, pointing to the big Mugumo tree, once upon a time all the brunches were growing in the same direction,from the same stem and at some point, which we will discuss after you have had your ice-cream and run outside and played with your cousins,(am hoping she will forget),every brunch started going (rather growing) it’s own way and that is how you have the big shade of the big Mugumo tree where you can now go lay down and read a book, or swing from the strong brunches.

Then there is my so infamous uncle Juan who molested my cousin but paid her tuition all the way to college. Nobody could figure out, not even his then wife, why he was paying her tuition.

And so when it comes to days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Yom Kippur or just a regular family get together,There is always a call for calm and understanding, which always holds for the 1st ten minutes when the kids arrive and then go out to play, then someone and usually the same person who almost messed up my brother’s wedding will say something smart to my talkative aunt Jane, you know, that one aunty everyone loves to hate, and of which every family has one. And then her short fuse will blow and all hell will break loose and its downhill from there. The diplomats will start to work there way round the room trying to change the topic with words like

“you know she didn’t mean to say that”

“you know how she is” and she will over hear that remark and the backup fuse will pop.

“hey Juan wonna have a beer outside so we can watch the kids plays” someone will say, forgetting Juan’s history although he proclaims he is “cured”

“Oh No!!!! he is not watching over my kid” aunty Joy will jump in.

I believe that is how the UN is in a nut shell.some

Some countries will condemn others for not obeying resolution xyz and then the family (UN ) will be called again to discuss how to reinforce resolution xyz and then they will pass a new resolution to reinforce that resolution that was not adhered to. And when a crises breaks out one party will think that the other party is at fault for not obeying resolution xyz and forgetting that they are also ignoring resolution abc.