This I Believe

Lisette - Yonkers, New York
Entered on August 28, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: setbacks

Worshipping Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Like so many asylum seekers, Hirsi Ali concocted a scheme to get asylum in

the Netherlands. She climbed her way up the social ladder as an employee of

the socialist Party PVDA and became a citizen. When Professor Pim Fortuyn

broke the conspiracy of silence and challenged their dangerous and

destructive multicultural agenda, which includes condoning and financing the

oppression of minority women, Hirsi Ali was hand-picked by the so-called

tolerant social democrats to label him a racist and danger to minorities.

The media labeled him the right-wing anti-immigrant populist and a Hitler.

On May 6, 2002 Pim Fortuyn was assassinated and Hirsi Ali became an instant

celebrity. With the blessing of the feminist elite, who have been

instrumental in the social isolation of minority women (with children), she

was elected a member of the Dutch parliament for the free market liberal

party VVD. Hirsi Ali took advantage of the anything and everything goes

culture in the West and had everybody hanging on her every word and meeting

her every need. While references to God and religion are subjected to

vicious attacks, Hirsi Ali is being worshipped as if she were God.

Pim Fortuyn was killed because he had the courage to take a stand against

the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the Netherlands. Now the so-called

atheist Muslim is making waves with exactly what he was deprived of, his

freedom of thought and right to free speech. Hirsi Ali’s former socialist

comrades, who in 2002 demonized Pim Fortuyn resulting in his murder 4 years

ago, come out with the details about her fraud, which led to another uproar.

Now that she is being questioned I am again insulted with the countless

headlines and sob stories about her mistreatment. Hirsi Ali said that she

was on a mission. That mission in Europe is now completed and she resigned

from the Dutch Parliament. She is now on her way to conquer the United

States. She has the clearance of the U.S State department and also has a job

waiting for her at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington D. C.

Societies priding themselves as being enlightened and civilized with respect

for human rights are destroying the lives of the innocent in their midst and

worshipping deception, corruption and those who satisfy the perverted

pleasures of the powers that be.

Because of the media hype about Hirsi Ali, the rest of the world knows about

the conditions of Muslim woman in the Netherlands. Pim Fortuyn, may his soul

rest in peace, against all odds defended the dignity of all (minority) women

in the Netherlands. Blinded by sensationalism the media hypes up one person

and fails to report the truth. Other women (mothers) such as myself,

Surinam-born, Dutch citizens by birth, are being deprived of their freedom

of choice and subjected to inhumane treatment by the Dutch government.

I was arbitrarily deprived of my nationality, denied the right to regain my

nationality, forced into a marriage to remain in the Netherlands, denied

educational opportunities and the right to make a living. My life needed to

be governed by the state. Once a slave, always a slave. According to the

Dutch political elite, individual liberty and freedom of choice are only for

the so-called educated elite and feminists. When I challenged this notion, I

was among other things intimidated and threatened that my life would not be

safe in the Netherlands if I did not remain silent and accept the brutality

against my person.

I escaped the torture of the Netherlands and applied for asylum in 2000, but

in 2002 the U. S Board of Immigration Appeals denied my request for

protection and ordered me deported back to perilous conditions, while

another woman from the Netherlands with the help of the Dutch government was

granted asylum in the U.S in November 2001.

If anything, the worshipping of Ayaan Hirsi Ali (or shall I say Ms. Magan

because that is her assumed real name) exposed the hypocrisy of the mighty

and superior secular West. Like in the dark days past some lives are still

worth more than others and freedom is not for all, freedom is only just for

some. The more things change, the more they remain the same and as Marvin

Gaye sang, it makes me wanna holler!