This I Believe

Meri - Hoschton, Georgia
Entered on August 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I love America. I think that it is amazing how, as Americans, we are given so much freedom and so much choice in our country. It is my true belief that we are very fortunate to live in such a powerful and fantastic country. Only in America can you follow your own religion and not be prosecuted for it. Only in America can you speak your mind about the political leaders and their policies and not be arrested. Only in America can you aspire to be all that you can be.

I feel very strongly about my country. It is something that, no matter, what I will always hold my head high and declare proudly that I am American. It bothers me, though, that some people do not feel the same. While I respect a fellow American’s freedom to have whatever opinion he or she desires, I do not understand how someone could not love a country that lets him or her have that opinion. In Cuba, China, the Soviet Union, and pretty much any country in the Middle East, people are constantly prosecuted for their religious and political beliefs. A man could simply have a different opinion than the party in power and he could be killed. Here in America he can start a rally and his own political party and it is more power to him. That man will not be touched by the government; he will not be incarcerated, tortured, or executed for having different beliefs.

I hate to resort to clichés, but one particular sentiment just sums my American patriotism up: love it do something about it. We have people constantly degrading our country. We have Americans that help terrorists attack America. If you do not love America, if you are not proud to be American, and if you have such a problem with the country that lets you have your own thoughts: shame on you, you can leave now. It is pretty obvious that with the war on terror, we need our country to pull together and stop putting so much emphasis on politics. Every American has his or her own opinion and that is what makes our country so strong and so different compared to other countries. If we do not stick together, though, then we will just turn into every other warring country in the world. So if you are not satisfied with America, take a stand. Stop sitting there, make something happen. We have so many opportunities for everyone that you are not going to get in any other country. Instead of attacking our country for not running your way, do something to make it more effective. It is your American right, so stop complaining and take advantage of the opportunities. If we all stand together to better our country and not ourselves, we can make a huge difference in the world.