This I Believe

Natasha - Seattle, Washington
Entered on August 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in time. I believe in time because every year the people of my planet unite in celebrating the turning of the calendar, the turning of the clock.

In this day of war and fear, it’s hard to remember that consensus can ever be found. Every day I wake up and listen to why some religion is better than another religion. I listen to why some nation’s lines of demarcation should be in a different and better location. I listen to why some form of government is better than another form of government. And then I hear the body count, the lives that are lost in these wars fought to prove who is better than the rest, who is more right, who is the best. But these innocents might not have cared who was right or better, they just wanted to be alive.

Once upon a time, I believed I was more right than anyone else. I believed that I had the best religion—Christianity. I believed that I had the best form of Government—Democracy. I believed that I had the best nation—the United States of America. I fought to convince the rest of the world that I was right. My fighting has contributed to the bloodshed of today.

So today I fight to find what unites the human beings of my planet. Sadly, I have found little, but I have found one thing. Time. Each year we agree at one moment on one day that the calendar has changed. As the Earth slowly turns. As it hits that certain location in its rotation around the Sun, we celebrate the changing of the calendar year, the changing of the clock, the ticking of time.

Everyone celebrates because it’s a unique and wonderful event. But I celebrate because I get to celebrate with my fellow human beings on this beautiful planet that we agree on one thing.

So we might not have much in common. The wars may rage. The disagreements may continue, but the New Year reminds me that at every moment on every day we can all agree on what time it is in Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, and New York. That is what gives me hope. That is the dawning of a new time, a better time. And that is why I believe in Time.