This I Believe

Evan - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on August 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe: Education is the Foundation of Youth

My mom is a teacher and as her son she encourages me to always do well in school. As far as my future is concerned I really want to be a teacher and pass on my education and wisdom to the youth of tomorrow. Learning has always served a good foundation when you talk about how you want to end up in the world. I believe that a good education is the foundation of youth.

When I was younger, maybe nine or ten, I always had my yearly flu or virus that was going around and I had the choice of staying home. If my flu or virus was bad enough I obviously stayed home, but when I wasn’t deadly sick I went to school. I only missed a few day of school every year, mostly funerals, but on these days I really needed rest. My next experience was when I missed the bus (we all do sometimes), and I walked to school. So I love learning something new every day and in doing so I have created a solid foundation for myself by being educated.

How my belief was formed and encouraged was by my mother. She’s a teacher at Westlane Middle School and has been there for two years. She always made me do my homework and do well on tests, and I have. I can tell you the grades are awesome. So to make a long story short I have used the idea of a good education is the foundation of youth in my daily life.

In my daily life I use this concept indefinitely as a reminder of my purpose in life. As a student I strive to earn good grades and make my parents proud. This is what I believe.