This I Believe

Keith - CA, California
Entered on August 23, 2006
Age Group: 65+

This I Believe

Relation and Reciprocity (A Poem)

Ideas splash over my field of view;

I contemplate the world in and through a flood of light.

Texture and timbre permeate my senses.

The spectacle is manifold.

There are phases, poles,

aspects and dimensions.

In one sense I am dissolved,

immersed, and embedded,

in a field of expression.

I feel motion, pulse and presence.

Through grace I am seized, absorbed and drawn in.

I accept.

In another sense I bracket, frame and name

the whirlwind.

I understand the forces and elements as functions and processes

which continually adjust according to fixed and known canon.

I know the formulae and thus I arrange,

direct and control.

I assign.

But it can happen that providence and will, combine,

to form another unique expression.

Object and subject are inextricably fused.

I encounter a pure reciprocal relationship.

Being both breathes, and is breathed.

The recurrent firmament defies description.

We are motes, and thus quanta in the vast space-time grid.

Yet we are also one and the same as the indissoluble matrix.

Relationship is more than it can ever know.

Ineluctably I make, but am beyond comprehension, made.

Interpretation here falls short;

here is the fount of all actual life.

The droplet and the ocean are reciprocally one.

Images wash through the viewer’s mind.

All life is encounter.

All relationship is reciprocal.