This I Believe

Wayne - Tampa, Florida
Entered on August 22, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe

I believe I have found the secret to contentment and happiness. At the same time I believe I have found the answer to the age old question, why are we here. I further believe that the answer lies in the four most important areas of my life; God, family, work, and friends.

My belief in God sustains me. It is this belief that centers me and gets me through the ups and downs of life. No matter what problems I may face I understand most problems are of no real consequence when compared to my immortal soul, God, and the universe. Being Catholic is at the core of who I am. I have a guide in this life and standard to try to reach. I reach for this standard every day knowing I will fail, but knowing that the effort to reach the standard makes for all the difference in my life. This belief in God reaches out and centers my family and glues us together. I never cease to be amazed after 35 years of going to mass on Sunday that I still learn much and have much more to learn, more than I could in a dozen life times.

This belief on God brings me to the next item on my list, my family. I sit here even now while I am typing this and marvel at how truly blessed I am. My 9 year old son is busy playing with one of his action figures (never to be called a doll) in and imaginary battle against some mythical bad guy. My 12 year old daughter is busy studying and my wife cooking tonight’s dinner. Later I will take my son to the park and throw the baseball around with him. When the sun sets we will come home, he will bathe, I will sit down relax, drink a beer, and marvel at how beautiful they all are. If I base my blessings on what I deserve I am heavily in the red. I believe it is this realization of family that allows me to be successful at the next item on my list.


I believe work is cleansing. I believe in the type of work that covers my body in sweat. A sweat that works as a glue for dirt and covers me from head to toe head in a fine mist. I believe dirt should gets underneath my fingernails and forms rings on my neck. I believe in the kind of work that causes sweat to drip of my nose and sting my eyes. The kind of work that is slow and grudging in nature to the body, but is cleansing to the soul. This work is particularly satisfying when it is in the service of my home, parents, one of my siblings, or a good friend.

Finally, work will take me to my friends. Life can be all about work. I believe that valuing the company of my friends and maintaining our relationships enhances my life and rounds me as a person. My friends act as a vent and escape from pressures that build from time to time. They help me to remember and celebrate my youth. With them I can be a clown, an advice giver or a receiver, with my friends I have someone to argue politics, watch football or to just sit down enjoy a meal, or sit in a bar and have a drink. l never do anything for my friends because I have too, or because I owe them, or grudgingly. When I help a friend it is because it’s the right thing to do and I want to be of service.

I believe that by combing God, family, work, and friends great satisfaction in life and happiness will occur. To answer the question as to why we are here- I believe I already have.