This I Believe

James - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Entered on August 22, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the love of a parent and child.

For me it is one of the strongest bonds that a person can ever experience. Whether it is the love that my parents have expressed for me or the love that I feel for my own children, it is a bond so deep that it can never truly be broken.

My parents divorced when I was a baby. So, there was never a time when I knew them together. I spent the first nine years of my life living with my Mom and the next nine until I went away to college living with my Dad.

Whether during those years or in recent years when I have become a parent, I have felt the incredible love that exists between parent and child.

When I was a young boy I would often walk with my Mom on Sunday evenings to go along to her second job cleaning offices. This was work that came on the heels of a full week of work and preparing countless meals for me and my four siblings. My Mom, who did not drive, often did not have money to either take a cab or even the bus to and from her cleaning jobs. She would regularly take me with her on these evenings, but realized that I couldn’t always make the walks that were several miles in distance from our home. Recognizing this, Mom would often find herself carrying me over those great distances.

When I look back on those occasions there is only one reason why a woman who had worked a full week and who had almost no time to herself while taking care of five children would carry a young boy over several city blocks. The answer is love.

Whether it was while I was playing little league baseball or more recently in my life while attending too many doctor appointments in the wake of a post surgical complication, my Dad has always been there. I can’t think of an event in my life big or small that my Dad has ever missed. He has always been there for me. Why? Love.

With the birth of my own children I have been fortunate to feel that same love which has no qualifiers or conditions. I love them as my parents love me and I can only hope they love me as I love my parents.

Not everyone in this world is a parent. But, we each have parents. They may not be our biological parents in some cases. They may be called by different names than Mom or Dad. But, I believe that the world would be a better place if each and every one of us felt that same type of love as I have for my parents and for my children.

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of that love and to my children Andrew, Meredith and Matthew — I love you!