This I Believe

Phyllis - Culver City, California
Entered on August 22, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: birth, parenthood

I believe in the powerful bond between mother and child. I believe that the connection that starts at conception that winds through the umbilical cord and connects these 2 bodies growing together is the strongest bond in life. I believe that what passes through the mother’s body brings with it the mystery and wisdom of life. I believe that every thought the mother, as keeper, has during this term of carriage wraps itself around the womb and enters in some unknown way to the child’s psyche. I believe that no matter how far from the womb the child wanders, there is always a connection that draws him or her back to that beginning.

I believe that for every child grown who denies that beginning, there is the seed of thought that they are incomplete. In denying it, the connection is made stronger through its complexity.

I believe that no matter what transpires after that child’s birth, there is no denying its beginnings.

My belief in this goes back to my own pregnancy, carrying a daughter. I watched her develop as an individual over the years, but also saw in her the references to my own self. My love of reading became her love of reading. My need to write became her own creative writing talents. Recently, I was once again reminded and my belief was made stronger as I watched her through her own pregnancy and the joyful birth of her son. I believe that in his eyes, as he looks at her face, the connection to her is one that will never be broken. He danced merrily inside her and made his presence known through his own rhythmic drum playing against her womb. I watched his foot or elbow pass crazily along her naked belly and knew that he was giving signals to her already – of his love, of his playfulness, of his need to be known to her.

I believe that as he grows, his fondness for both his parents will grow substantially, but I believe too that his connection to his womb-carrying, breast-feeding mother will know no bounds.