This I Believe

Simon - western province, South Africa
Entered on August 16, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

I believe in inconvenience

We live in an age of convenience. We want information. We want it now. We want Coffee. We’ll get it now. We are a highly evolved productivity machine. Destory destractions. Focus. Focus on what really matters; you.

Yes, ignoring even the possibillity that there may be a God is convenient. There are still problems with our highly evolved state. Our evolved intellect spends copious amount of time over inconvenient ideas. Ideas that perpetrate that our evolution is not quite as sound as it surely is.

95% of homosapiens that have ever existed have tried to deny our evolution. We, the highly-evolved, know better. Please someone remove this thorn in the flesh of our evolutionary progress. Explain to the under-evolved that their backward state of being and understanding exists merely, because they had less opportunity to evolve then ourselves. Explain to them how out of nothing, matter and energy emerge. Out of nothing, evolution decides to exist. And how survival, as an idea feels the need to evolve. Educate those that oppose our progress. Our evolution exists, therefore everything that can not presently be explained soon will be. Evolution is a convenient idea. who created it?