This I Believe

James - Hollywood, Florida
Entered on August 14, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: golden rule

I believe in the Golden Rule.

When I arrived to the world of agnosticism many years ago, I began a lifelong search for Truth. Something to believe in, hold on to.

As I searched, I accepted that the Golden Rule was a useful and practical guideline for agnostics, atheists, as well as religious people.

“Do unto others as I would like others to do unto me.”

How simple. How universal in it’s appeal and application.

How could you argue against this guide?

Unless the case for pure selfishness was presented in a serious vein, and could be accepted as wise, but could selfishness serve humanity as a whole?

No. To be sure, Selfishness is the root of all manner of human suffering.

A dozen years after I became an agnostic, I found myself proclaiming the benefits of New Ageism. As a new New Ager, I still accepted the Golden Rule should held up as a primary guide for human behavior.

Today I have graduated to membership back into one of the world’s religions. As a member of this religion (the Baha’i Faith), I can stand with members of all of the world’s religions as well as with all non-believers in proclaiming the soundness of the timeless Golden Rule.

One last challenge remains for ALL of us. It is a challenge of the greatest importance.

How can we put the glorious Golden Rule into practice?

I believe we can. We will. We must.