This I Believe

Todd - Sanford, North Carolina
Entered on August 14, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: sports

I’ll Keep Dreaming

If someone gave us everything we wanted…….what would we dream of? I know what you’re thinking. Who cares……..I’ll get over it. My point is not that literal.

My entire life, I have wanted mostly small and practical things like financial stability, good health, and stable home. But there has always been something lurking in the back of my psyche. I grew up in a Michigan Household. When I say this I mean a home in Michigan, but also a house which was committed to the University of Michigan Football team. I was born in 1969, the year Coach Glenn “Bo” Schembechler took over the Wolverines as Head Coach. The following 21 seasons, Coach Schembechler lead us to the most wins ever in the 110 years of the program, with a record of 194-48-5 and 17 bowl games. It was a very exciting time to wear Blue.

As I grew up, I watched just about every game they played. Even today, during college football season, the living room becomes mine. The family turns off the

“nag-o-meter” and gives me run of the house, at least for a few hours. The one thing I have always dreamed of, for as long as I can remember, is actually going to a game in Michigan Stadium. To actually stand in the “Big House”. Wow! The very thought itself is overwhelming. I can picture the entire day in my mind. I can see the green grass with the crisp white lines defining the battlefield. I can close my eyes and hear the roar of the crowd. I can smell the stadium food. My shoes crack as they break away from the half dried soda spilled on the concrete below. 107,500 other fans surround me as I scan the crowd in hopes to see “Bo” sitting in the stands. I can actually see, smell, hear, taste and feel the entire experience in my mind. For 36 years I have dreamed that one day, I can sit and scream as if they can actually hear me, and follow my instruction to bring yet another victory to the team who has dominated my life for so may years.

Finally to my point. I am now 36 years old. Realistically nothing is stopping me from going to Ann Arbor. Sure it could put a strain on me financially, but I could save for the trip. I have vacation time at work, and room to manipulate my schedule. I could make this dream come true. But then what? Would my recliner be as comfortable after actually sitting a few hundred feet where the greatest footballer players in college ball actually paced up and down the field? How could anything beyond this perfect day ever compare to the experience of the Big House? Worse yet, what if I am wrong? What if it’s not that loud and the floors are not sticky? What would I dream about then?

I have made a promise to myself that someday I will set foot in the Big House, but until then, I am more than happy with my dreams and content with my recliner……unless you have an extra ticket to the Ohio State Game.