This I Believe

Gedi - USA
Entered on August 14, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

Oh! Thank you. How long I was waiting someone to give me this chance to express what I believe on my little and plain English. I am not good in writing essays…I wish I concouger – but I will try to write to write in a way that explains what I mean.

I believe that we – the humans – are beating an empty drums. I mean I born to an orthodox Christian parents. While I was young my my mother converted in islam. The difference in believe of my parents gave me the chance to ask myself why? True the environment that I live (muslim), I was told that Allah is with us and Christians are on the wrong track wondering why my dad choose to be in hell rather in the paradise. Time passed to understand and be curious and find an answer for the difference without any predjudice to the two religions.

When I grown up and get freedom, I managed to read the bible and go to schools where I studed Arabic and the Quran.

In the end I find our that there’s no difference between what my father (Christian) believes and my mother (muslim) believes. I found out that the muslims are little bit close to the reality as they consider the status of all the prophets as the messengers of Allah/Dio/God to mankind. They (Muslims) tell more logicly the story of prophet Jusus Christ while the Christians complicate matters while giving Him the position of God in some instances and a messenger like anyother prophets who claims that His father send Him to mankind…

In the end I comeout my own conclusion of all the religions, that it’s the wrong interpretation of mankind otherwise all is the same.. I come in a religion named CHRISTIMOJEW…that combined all the people of the book into one leaving no space to the notion “ GOD is with us and anyone that follows ours will only be saved”.

I believe that GOD is everything..if you wanna see Allah, see what HE created. That HE is not like human…as humans are sinnfull…that if you do good only you gonna meet HIM. That HE will not only put or save ONLY the Christians or Muslims or Jews and put all others in Hell….

I hope you believe my combined religion that preaches that all will be saved if they save their sinnfull action and toung from the nature in one form or other, whatever team –Liverpool or Arsenal – he or she belive…

Believe in CHRISTIMOJEW and you ll be saved from the hell…