This I Believe

Entered on August 14, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: integrity

This I believe…my word is my bond. There are so many things in life that I have no control of but giving my word and keeping it is what I strive for. I try to maintain absolute control of this one thing. My word means something. It is something I can control and whether I keep it or break it. Keeping my word when it is given is almost a sacred thing. If I don’t, others will think I am a liar. That is something I don’t want to happen. Of course, I must think ahead and consider the out come before giving my word. Will I be able to keep it? Keeping my word is doing the right thing. It is a principle that has allowed me to trust and be trusted. I really don’t need to have a written contract. When you give your word, you live and die by that.

Biblically “ Word” is another term referring to Jesus Christ the Son. But in secular society word has a different meaning. My word is an announcement. It is spoken conversation. It gives information. It is a declaration of my intent. It is a statement that gives news to another person. If I give my word, I am telling another person or persons my intent. It is not just an utterance. I hold myself responsible to what I say I will do.

My bond is a declaration that binds me to follow through with a certain act. It can have conditions attached or no conditions at all. My bond is a link between me and another person. It is binding the recipient and me together in a relationship. I do not take the word lightly. Once my declaration is made, I do all to the best of my ability to honor that bond. I continually try to keep my word even in the smallest of pledges. That way when a big pledge comes along, people will know that I believe in my bond. I will do all to honor that agreement. There are many different meanings of the word bond. In this case I am making a solemn promise to do a certain deed. I do recognize that word and bond can be synonyms for each other.

I want my bond, my oath to be taken seriously and something that down through the ages I may remembered as one who did his best to

honor and uphold my word, my bond. I will do all I can and if I do fail, which does happen, I can apologize and ask for forgiveness. I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to use anything as a crutch. If known before hand, I would try to best of my ability to let the person of my oath know that this has to be changed.

I live by my word. I live by my bond. I expect the same in others.

“This I believe.”