This I Believe

Moo-Hyung - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on August 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks, work

I believe in efforts at any situation. If you want to achieve something that you really want, you must make efforts for that. Efforts don’t always bring achieving goals, but you can’t achieve goals without efforts. Even if you can’t achieve goals with efforts, efforts which you did in that situation will be your experiences, and experiences will become another kind of efforts which support you in another situation.

Before I came here, I worked for a company which has made a computer program related to geography. At first time, works were very hard for me because it was the first year of my career and I studied another major, Material Science, in the university. Therefore, even if I did my best, I couldn’t finish my tasks. For that reason, I took many blames for finishing late. Even though I got many frustrating situations, I didn’t stop making efforts. I always made efforts at any situation. As time went by, efforts had been becoming my experiences and my efforts became more efficient. As a result, I became an expert worker who could deal with any kinds of works in the company.

Differently from this situation, efforts don’t always become success. When I was in high school, I studied hard because I wanted to go to a university. Even though I made my best efforts, I couldn’t go to the university after graduating high school because I got bad grade in the entering test. As a result, I had to study one more year to go to the university. Although I studied extra one year to go to the university, my efforts from high school had always helped me. From my efforts, I got experiences which helped me how to prepare the test and avoid failing the test. By adding my one more year efforts to the experiences, I finally went to the university.

At making efforts, no one can judge your efforts except yourself. Efforts are a mirror of the value which you give to a situation. Although the other people misjudge your efforts, if you keep making efforts to your goals, you will achieve your goals. Consequently, I believe in my efforts at any situation.