This I Believe

Bob - Carmel, Indiana
Entered on August 10, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: family

I believe in people. People scare me.

I believe people are born seeking power based on the need to survive. Whether they are urban or rural they need and want to be safe and contribute to mutually beneficial ends. This happens only if they are safe emotionally, physically and mentally. By the way these 3 concepts are so intertwined and dependent on each other they are the same thing when it comes to health. Health develops only when nutured so family is must be the highest priority of any society. If we are to consistently improve our society we must weigh almost every decision on how it improves the opportunity for families to thrive. Anything destroying families must be destroyed.

If we don’t prioritize families to build healthy people, we gradually erode the society to make more and more scary people. It is not capitalism, communism, radicalism that we should focus on. We should keep our decisions very simple. Healthy people come from healthy environments and contribute to making societies healthy.

I am often impressed by how many smart and mature people live and contribute in the world. It is uplifting and encouraging for the future of my grandchildren. I am saddened by the what seems to be a growing number of people not able to grow up healthy. This worries me.

It seems to me that we have allowed decisioin making to become to complicated. It is simple: Build families. Destroy things that destroy families. Health is Wealth.

I am disturbed by waste and inefficiency that destroys resources for health and a better future. I am not sure how we can simplify the debate but I think we need to destroy some of the overly rhetorical and political processes or they will destroy us.