This I Believe

Art - rICHMOND, Virginia
Entered on August 8, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in God, and that nothing is beyond, beneath or in betrayal of God’s will. I believe in eternity and a limitless universe(for I can conceive of neither timelessness nor spacelessness) and that within the confines of these beliefs, the human race is infinitesimally small, yet miraculous, great by comparison with all that we know of, and capable of divine endeavor.

I believe that God’s care for mankind resides primarily in mankind’s care for itself, and that the true and complete deity can endure our loss without much regret, should we bring about that loss through neglect of our virtues.

I believe our destiny is both simple and profound. It is what it is, and, what we are able to make of it.

I believe this planet and the life it supports are imperilled, and that far different use of our time and resources are both possible and essential in order to serve that life, it’s progeny

and our best understanding of God.

I believe this belief is far from new, that in fact, it’s as old as the conscience of man, and that it remains as prone to misinterpretation and as vulnerable to misuse, as it has ever been. Yet I believe above all, in hope, in reason, in humility, courage, fairness and faith.

And finally, I believe that if true and lasting change can occur, it may be, at it’s inception, even more swift and brief than these few words.