This I Believe

Thomas - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on August 8, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65



“In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.”

This was just one more lie in an ongoing tale.

At that point in time (2003) we had lost 138 lives,

Yet They were spinning Their yarns to husbands and wives.

A country of 25 million was just laying in wait,

Our hundred and forty thousand troops were tempting their fates.

The President lands on the Abraham Lincoln,

In retrospect we ask just what was he thinking?

A photo op taken during an on going war,

Inspiring the enemy to even the score?

Major combat operations in Iraq just came to an end.

The Iraqis will embrace us as a neighboring friend.

The Bush Administration hadn’t a clue,

of what lay ahead or what They would do.

Three years later over 2000 U.S. soldiers have died,

And Mr. Bin Laden continues to hide.

The Chief Architect in the 911 Attack,

Was continually told, man you just don’t know Jack!

Saddam Hussein was elevated to the man of the hour,

With Weapons of Mass Destruction just poised to devour.

Spin-doctors told us the mission was to topple Hussein,

Re-writing history was the name of that game.

We went from The War on Terror to Operation Freedom,

They were spinning so fast you had to stare just to see them.

The time has come for a reality check,

How can we win if You’re stacking the deck?

Our brave troops will continue to sail,

Cause the Washington crew refuses to bail.

No armor for trucks or any for men,

They’re busy awarding each contract to friends.

Mission Accomplished you continue to say,

But there are countless troops that pay every day.