This I Believe

Angela - Vacaville, California
Entered on August 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

My Driving Force

Passion is the driving force behind life. It allows us to express our individuality through creative means and teaches us the importance of determination. With a sense of passion, we learn to deeply love an aspect of our lives and are propelled to reach for our goals no matter how tough a situation may be. I believe that passion is the essence of the human spirit and is a necessity in all walks of life.

At the age of two, I eagerly stepped into my first ballet lesson. Although I do not remember that first class, I can still recollect the softly glittering tutus hanging in the back room and the peculiar smell of old leather, satin, and rosin that lingered in the air. Alongside a dozen other petite ballerinas, I diligently practiced, learning every step. As each class ended, I would smile at my mother and plead to stay one moment longer “to watch the big girls dance.” Lying on the floor, I would watch in awe as the young ladies tied their pointe shoes and gracefully skimmed across the surface of the floor. These moments defined who I was and would forever be – a ballet dancer.

Fifteen years later, I dedicate hours each night to ballet, and have happily accepted the expression of movement as the backdrop of my life. However, ballet is extremely demanding. On a daily basis, I spend hours perfecting my technique, despite perpetual setbacks. There are times when my body becomes so fatigued that all that is left to push me through each movement is the mere passion of dancing. This is what ballet is to me. It is my spirit, my expression, my passion.

I believe life is not worth living if we do not posses a passion in which to direct our energy. It allows each of us to create our own life. We are able to find an outlet in which to direct our focus and truly discover who we are. Passion identifies us as individuals, as no two people have the same passion for identical reasons.

Passion teaches us not only to deeply love, but also to give back all that we have been taught. With a true passion, it is natural to wish to share everything we have been given, and have become, with others. My love of ballet has not only taught me to truly appreciate an art, but has directed me in sharing my love of ballet with young students.

Passion becomes the driving force behind each life. It gives us the determination to push forward, no matter how difficult or painful a situation may be. It teaches us to reach further than we had ever imagined we could reach.

I have found my passion through the art of ballet. However, others may have found it in many different aspects of life. Whatever it may be, may the passion of our lives become the expression of our spirits and lead us to unimaginable places.