This I Believe

Denise - Massena, New York
Entered on August 4, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I think I know everything. I am the fire rooster, born on August 25th 1957 which makes me according to Asian astrology, the one who is alluring, sensual, mouthy and carries around little peices of paper writing,writing,writing all the time. That would be me. What I know, and what I believe, are two different things. I believe, way inside myself at let’s say the molecular level, that when I go by myself, into the Caribbean, and dance by myself, in crowds of people who are also dancing by theirselves, that I am saving my own soul. That by dancing, I am keeping away evil . That I am recharging myself physically, changing all the atoms inside myself, creating a new health, bringing in a year, myself. I do this during carnival, which is about saying farewell to the flesh! Dancing yourself into a frenzy to reach the edge of another world, what world it is I am not sure, but I like it. It’s addicitve of course. No drugs, no alcohal, just moving my body to the manic pace of Caribbean Soca music and freeing up myself to the unknown. Why do I believe I have to do this alone? I don’t want to miss anything! Not a suttle peice of guidance, not a person’s face I may have wanted to study a little, not a color, a beat, a smell, nothing. Don’t want to miss that touch. No distractions on this trip. Where I go, has the third highest murder rate on the planet, so I want to pay attention. It’s like vacationing on high alert. I may be attracted to danger, you think? I go and I dance and I sweat and I jump up with 1,000’s of other strangers all jumping to the base drum beat and when I am done, I feel that feeling that I can NEVER find here at home, I feel satisfied! Yah mon. Is true.