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Bertrand - Sandwich, Massachusetts
Entered on August 2, 2006
Age Group: 65+

What the U.N. can do about the Nuclear Problem

of Rogue States or Tyrants; Step One.

Premises of Understanding:

1. Nuclear Weapons are fearfully, massively and widely destructive but subject to even a deranged perpetrator of disaster.

2. The Cold War was a stand-off of mutual fear of the horrendous retaliations to countering any launching or nuclear initiator.

3. Open verbal representation by all “Nuclear Club Members” or hopefuls is that their nuclear capabilities or weapons would never be used in aggressive first-strike attack on another nation or peoples.

4. There would be a deterrent if all citizens of any/all nations and people groups understood that any primary attack utilizing nuclear mass destruction would dutifully provoke massive multinational and planned retaliation (potential annihilation of a primary perpetrating people-group).

5. It is recognized that a nuclear strike requires many participants in a launching; each knowledgeable person would be a “Fail-safe” guardian knowing its disastrous and secondary multiple consequences. Members of a nation would have to be controlled by their nationality base.

Therefore be it Resolved and Signed by U.N. Members that;

1. Any/all governments or people groups will never use their nuclear power, present or future for attacking any other people group (inter-national or intra-national).

2. Any Government who uses their nuclear power against any people group will be subject to:

a. Investigation by a U.N. nuclear “watch-dog” team

b. Identification of first-strike perpetrators within a 7 day period of attack

3. Each government co-signer of this protective-shield agreement will receive the defense of all other co-signers to give massive retaliation, (nuclear if possesses) toward any governance that uses first strike nuclear attack against a people group from inside or outside national borders, (nuclear weapons are never to be used for offensive purposes).

4. All governments will regularly inform each of its people of such inconceivable self-destruction if any of its leaders launches a primary nuclear attack.

5. Each nation will set up defensive mechanisms to ward off first strikes of any deranged leader and will await U.N. identification of any other nation’s utilization of a nuclear first-strike prior to joining in on the agreed upon defensive retaliation. The U.N. will not responsible for any war type of retaliation; the agreement is.

This type of agreement could be used for protection from other WMDs.

Bertrand S. Duncan, MD