This I Believe

Denny - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on August 2, 2006
Age Group: 65+
Themes: science

This I believe

I believe in God. I love nature. I am awed by science. I hold life to be ever so dear. There is nothing more fantastic, awesome, and humbling to behold a newborn, to hold them in your arms, to ponder eternity.

All things evidence the existence of God. Years ago I marveled at the teaching of chemistry, biology, and physics. They provided me with the framework to ponder the complexities and wonder of creation. Scientific discovery and knowledge have soared since my early schools days. Then it was the phyla of biology, the Bohr atom, and the simple discussions of time and space. Now we delve into the mysteries of DNA, the nuances of quarks, and the imagination of String Theory. All of these new ideas only provide a more compelling statement that all are creations of an all wise Father.

Nature provides grandeur, color, symmetry, peace, and mystery. Yet, all things speak to the existence and purpose of a Divine source for the purpose and place of all things. I marvel at the sound of the waves on the sea shore, the blinking of the stars in the heavens, the strata of the mountains especially in a deep canyon, and the continuum of the seasons.

Life is the most profound manifestation of creation. While we know so little of life in terms of its definition, we do know that we are and can sense the reality of all living things. There is a purpose, and we seek to understand purpose and our place.

While we struggle to place ourselves in the correct sequence or station of existence, we know that we are. Then through our primitive mortal eyes, we see life in others. We are participants in creation as fathers and mothers. We are also participants in life as teachers and servants of others. There is an eternal round in our realities in sharing life.

I believe all of these images define us. Perhaps the most sublime statement of our reality lies in our conscious emotions and the sharing of emotions with others. To me, sharing emotions is the highest means of sharing, of ourselves, our reality, and our beliefs.

Through belief in God, and through observation of His creations, there is an affirmation that I have value, and my life is important. I share a responsibility for the welfare of my fellow beings. I need to share myself with others. Perhaps most important is my responsibility to allow others to share themselves with me. Of our boundaries, the dimension of self esteem is probably the frailest and easiest to penetrate and damage. I belief we need to do all we can to build and help others, to help them see their divinity and values they possess. This perhaps defines my most important purpose, and this is to serve and build others. In so building others, I believe we build and cement our future. I believe in God and the wonder of His Creations.