This I Believe

Michael - falls church, Virginia
Entered on August 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in Music. I believe that music is freedom. I believe music is independent. People love to talk about Indie music, as in artists who aren’t on a major label but I think all music is independent. It doesn’t matter who distributes the music, because the music itself is independence. Without music, our great forefathers would have marched all willy nilly while fighting the Brits, and we thought they were silly with their red coats and funny hats. Music is essential in all people’s lives, at all stages of life, from the very young with our silly little kids songs, to the very old who remember a time gone by when they first heard a particular song.

I believe that music must be the oldest form of artistic expression. I would wager that long before humans could talk, had language, or could even draw on cave walls, they could make sounds. All it takes to make music is a voice, or maybe just two things to bang together. Expression is what makes us all human and to be without such would remove the humanity from us. All too often expression is repressed, “no pictures on this wall”, “don’t spray paint here, “what did you just say?” but music, how can they take that away from us. Humming a little tune to yourself is surely harmless isn’t it?

I think that any society that really represses music is attempting to remove humanity. I always think about old movies that show a guy in jail, with nothing, but somehow he pulls out a harmonica and starts to play and somehow feels human again. I worry for parts of the world where expression is limited and I worry that the first and last bastion of humanity is under threat. Don’t threaten music, we can all use a little song every now and then, or at least a beat to tap out on a wall, a stick, a stone, whatever is around. Yes I believe in music as the great equalizer, the great communicator and above all, Music is what makes us all people.