This I Believe

Tricia - Olympia, Washington
Entered on August 1, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe:

Just as my babe, umbilical cord still attached, enveloped my one finger with her entire petal-soft hand, I believe we must grasp, cling to God, an infinite, all-encompassing and compassionate God, to nourish our daily lives.

Just as my moments old child, still slick with my bodily fluids, instinctively latched to my breast to sustain her life, I believe we must all acknowledge that as humans, regardless of race or borders, we are utterly dependent upon each other for survival.

Just as my body innately, willingly, freely pumped its blood into my unborn daughters and now continues to bathe them with the salt from my tears, it is now my mandate to ensure they do not nourish their beings from the internet or TV.

It is not just my duty, but my hunger to infuse their lives with experiences outside of my own comfort zone. I cannot personally change politicians’ decisions or force terrorists to lay down arms. But I can entrust my daughters to the societal and culturally downtrodden.

…And I am boundlessly blessed by watching them instantly befriend Gypsies in Romania, abused and scorned by their own society.

… My tears flow as my now 8 and 6 year old girls swing a jump rope for mud-streaked half-naked children in Mexican barrios.

…. My heart sings as they seek out gifts for children of human trafficking victims in Fiji.

This I believe

That we, as Americans, must force ourselves to stop merely observing life from our windows or TV. We must personally inhale our abundant freedoms, allow them to burst through dams in our sterilized hearts, and demand ourselves to exhale compassion. Just as a swimming dog shakes its entire body to launch water droplets, we must shake off our apathy and lethargy and emerge clean, energized, mobilized. Find a cause, embrace it, jump into it, whether it be picking up garbage on your street or nursing a child in a refugee camp.

That love is so much more than an over-used flippant word. That love, true unconditional and freely offered love, can affect change to spiritually and emotionally thirsting people in communities worldwide, even to my neighbor next door.

That love is the investment of my own body’s sweat, my blood, my tears, and my own personal life-limited time.

Just as a torrent of love flowed from my soul into my daughters, and now they continually buoy my own being in return,

I desire to give this gift of love to you, if you truly want it.