This I Believe

Timm - Winter, Wisconsin
Entered on August 1, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe

I believe in the dirt, not in nations, or politics, or even a tooth fairy. This dirt owns me, yet all the time I see people that believe they own it, and they are capable of believing they can own anything and everything. Delusions are always self serving and life is so much easier when we see ourselves as kings of the hill.

There is an ethic, a natural ethic, which manifest destiny denies and tries to erase from the human mindset, but it is still here. We are made of the same things as the dirt between our toes. It is easy for humanity to see itself as ‘better, separate, above and beyond’ nature. We are not gods, but merely prima donnas in fantasies we have each bought into. When we see ourselves ‘above’ nature and others, we have become the makers of problem rather than deep wells of possible solutions.

We are frightened of the future, of death, and ten thousand other things which are used to make us, ‘buy, buy, buy.’ Fear sells and we have all sold out to it.

I don’t even believe I own my life, I’m merely ‘an awareness’ hitching a ride for a while, what comes before and what comes after, I do not know. I have found the simple act of admitting my ignorance, the easiest way to free myself of my fears, my opinions and that fat ego of mine that suckles there.

There are people that like to ask me, what I believe. I know five words that will drive them nuts, ‘I believe I don’t know.’ Ignorance is a normal, human and acceptable; to acknowledge this is merely an ego fast. Belief is not knowledge, nor is knowledge belief and neither has much to do with wisdom.

Belief would have me walking on water. Knowledge lets me know I would sink like a lead balloon. Wisdom keeps me from even considering a try.

So you think you own this land, that car, those clothes and your beliefs… I say they own you. These things define us.

We are the songs of ourselves, we sing for a while and then stones mark our passing. If you believe you own anything; when that time comes, tell it to the soil beneath your tombstone, we will all be waiting breathless for the answer.

We serve nature and it owns us. Nature has given us the right to our delusions, our beliefs and too many of us dance to tunes played to control us. I listen to my own heartbeat, and I begin to hear the symphony of nature… this I know, for belief is a waste of breath, life and time.