This I Believe

Sara - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Entered on July 28, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe life is a story waiting to be read by ourselves and others.

As a Kindergarten teacher my day is filled with children bursting to tell me their stories: robins they saw that morning, plans for a birthday party three months away or how much they miss their mom who no longer comes to visit. Children pay attention to their stories and read them with delight; never just skimming and missing important details. However, as the chapters unfold we often go silent and even try to erase parts of our own story. Yet with pages missing, our books are incomplete.

I believe each word, sentence, and chapter is written through everyday events; coffee with friends, a walk through the park, or losing a job. All weave together to create a life story. Some incidents may seem trivial or random but no chapter can be fully understood without reading each page.

I believe in my own story. The story of a little girl who grew up hating herself, never believing she was “good enough,” and always feeling out of place. The story of a young woman who’s pursuit of feeling worthy spiraled her into anorexia nervosa and near death. I believe in finding a will to live and in helping other people. I believe in love, hard work, and recovery.

At times our story may be difficult to understand. We may need to reread, continue reading, or rely on others to help us comprehend. I believe if we don’t pause long enough to read our own stories we miss out on the adventure, mystery, and love each one has to offer.

I believe no one else can live a person’s story, yet through reading each other’s we better understand our own. Each story is unique, and one’s content cannot be known by merely looking at the cover.

I believe coincidences are the Author’s way of telling us we are on the right page… and to keep reading. However, spending too much effort on the words may cause one to miss the meaning the Author strives to create.

I believe each day is a new page waiting to be written. Each sunset reminding us tomorrow is a clean sheet of paper.

I believe we each hold our own pen to life and a faith in Jesus Christ promises the ink will not run dry until our story is complete.