This I Believe

Tye - West Tisbury, Massachusetts
Entered on July 27, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: tolerance

I belive in spirits of understanding. Not understanding in the linear sense, as in “I understand what you mean by that” or “I understand how to spell that” but a true feeling of understanding. To understand how it feels to be a repressed minority, a hateful racist, a Morrocan, a Massachusian the president of the United States.

Being a memeber of a very political family sometimes taking an objective view on anything, can be difficult. Because either way you’ll be wrong in someones eyes. And at the point where im ready to give in to condoning a view i remember why these people think the way they think. My grandmothers view that America isnt christian enough can be understood because she raised her children in the 60’s; a time of political, and social upheavial, and her only solice came from going to mass every sunday. My fathers view that theres too much christianity in America can be understood for the same reason. He was a child of the 60’s; an exciting time of revolution and change, Catholocism was forced upon him and he saw, in his view a corruption in the church. leading to his belief in a christian imperialist state. I am neither condemning nor condoning either view because, i understand that it is not my place to force upon you my moral views, save only three. Learn to understand, to truly listen to one has to say and weigh it against that indiaviduals experiances. Do not be so quick to judge, for before one judges you must also judge yourself. And finaly, contemplate your own experiances, what experiances inprinted upon your views? What experiances changed you, and your morals for better, or worse. For before one can understand one must be understood

Now it would appear to be conceded for one to take this view, assuming universal understanding of all things at all times. But that in essence would be an affront to what i belive, because i understand that i do not understand. I don’t have some holy omnipotance, some cosmic enlightenment i only attempt to find a middle ground, a moral neutrality from which i can truly understand.