My Love for The Environment

Bany - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on April 29, 2014
Themes: nature

I believe that we make of the environment what we want it to be. Either a better one to live in or worse than the one we already live in. For example, if there is a plant that is dying and I decide to do everything I can to make it come to life, it is possible for me to help it heal and help it come to life.

Throughout the years I’ve realized that the power of healing does exist and humans play a big part of it. I’m a flower lover and so is my mother. Ever since I was little, she always told me that speaking to them every morning and having a conversation with them would help them look radiant and stay healthy for a very long time.

One day while we were watering the plants, I noticed how one of my favorite flowers was dying. I decided to start focusing on that specific flower more than all the other ones. Every morning before I left for school I would check on it and have a quick and nice conversation with it while I rubbed its petals and rinsed it. With time the effects of such action started to be more noticeable, its color became more radiant and its size became bigger in just a few weeks of giving it love. At that moment, I realized that if only we could all react the same way towards everything that needs to be fixed with our environment, one thing at a time, change would be possible.