This I Believe

Celeste - Crown Point, Indiana
Entered on July 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

My Philosophy of Music as Therapy

I believe in Humanism.

In a society that dismisses the value and dignity of human life as quickly as they judge others who are in any way different than them, I find it necessary to use my skills to create a voice for the voiceless. Instead of finding myself overwhelmed with the never-ending falsehoods of the twenty-first century, I prefer to embrace the core of humanity, the individual. What could be more important than instilling such ideals as compassion, empathy, and respect into our society? I believe that when we truly learn to live for others and not for our own self-gratification, we will then discover our purpose in life: to serve others selflessly.

I believe in Music.

Music knows no race, no color, and no creed. Music knows no ability and no disability. Music is not segregated to those who understand the theory behind the notes or those who perform for thousands. Music is for every creative soul, therefore for every living person. I believe music has the capability to transcend barriers. I believe that no other creative medium is as inspirational or communicative, as is music. Through music, one can express herself without words. By leaving these words behind, she is able to leave behind the inhibitions that come with language and discover an entirely new sense of self: a creative living being.

I believe in Improvisation.

Creativity is developed moment to moment, as a person is changing and evolving in response to her environment. In order to captivate the true essence of this creativity, one must stay present in this “moment”. These “moments” define the purpose of improvisation: to abandon expectation and to answer to nothing but the present thought in one’s mind. By using improvisation in music, I am able to individualize the music to each person, embracing her musicality and emotional and physical being. I believe that the use of improvisation in therapy allows me to focus more on the persons I am working with instead of the music I am using in working with them. Improvisation is meant to embrace the therapy process, not the therapy product. This therapy process leads the person on a pathway of discovery about herself and others.

I believe in Music as Therapy.

No other creative art is able to captivate people, as is music. I have seen the tremendous benefits of music while working with individuals with disabilities. I have worked with those who cannot hear, or see, or speak. Though faced with such difficulties, these people have still created the most beautiful music imaginable. It is as if with music, those who cannot hear, hear, those who cannot see, see, and those who cannot speak, speak. Music allows one’s emotional being to be expressed while experiencing a unique musical connection with another human being. No words are needed to express the beauty of one’s soul.

This is why I believe in music therapy.