This I Believe

Richard - St Louis, Missouri
Entered on July 21, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that to be an American, we all must reach out to all people regardless of the religious preference. I am Jewish, and I lead members of my congregation in Religious dialogue with members of the Muslim Faith trying to bring all of us together. This program is called Confluence of faith and the purpose is: “The desire to be an American, is every immigrant’s dream, whether we are first, second or more generations than can be counted on one hand. We are a patchwork of traditions sewn together by our unique realization that to be American we must understand and reach out to all our neighbors or perish

The purpose of this program is to gain understanding and knowledge of our Jewish and Muslim traditions and beliefs by studying the text, values and traditions of two religious beliefs.” I developed this statement as a part of the COF program.

Each month we meet with a group of Muslims from the local mosques and we study either Q’uran or Torah depending on the who’s institution we are in. I believe that we as Americans can have political diferences and can vehemently discuss them but at the end of day we are all one people Americans.