This I Believe

anik - arlington, Virginia
Entered on July 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: tolerance

I believe in God. That God gave us a place that we can live in peace. That it is a test that we have to succeed so that we can go to heaven. That you can’t get anything free that you have to work for it. That everyone it the same inside then outside.

I’m a Muslim, so my god is Allah. Allah shows me that path that I have to go throw. I have to go thought struggles to believe in one thing that Allah. I believe Allah created every thing so it helps Muslim live in a place with a better society. That every Muslim the same.

I believe that every person has a God. That every one has their own beliefs. That they have to show every one what there belief in. That every one goes to different place to believe in God. Every one believe in one thing that god. If you’re a christen you go to a church.

I’m a Muslim and I pray 5 times a day. I try to pray to pray 5 times a day, but I can’t so then I make it up. I always want to pray at the mosque but it far from my house. I try to read the Koran but it hard to read. One day I want to go to the makka so I can for fill my dreams so I can be a better person.

I try t be a respectable about other religions. My friend nick is christen and I learned that he goes to church every Sunday and they have mass. When I was little I always made fun of other religions. That I mad fun of people belief. That I felts so low that it made me a bad person. Then my grand mother told me that I should stop and I stop and made lots of friend form different cultures. Then one day I read the Koran and it talk about respect other religions and that it was wrong to make of a religion.

I think it is wrong to pick on Muslim. Like they think all Muslim are bad and they are terrorists. I always hear one the radio that they make fun of Muslim countries and that they said that Muslims are low life people. It not true because terrorists are not Muslims that there “wanabe” they not true Muslims. People should understand that Muslims are peaceful people and that they won’t do anything stupid like retarded terrorists. Who are the real lowlife people that try to prove that there the greater than us weak people but it the opposite is true.