This I Believe

Nanci - arlington, Virginia
Entered on July 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


This I believe

I believe that everyone is equal regardless of their color, race and religion. I believe that everyone should have the same rights and that no one is perfect.

I believe that we are all here to work together and not to discriminate each other because they’re from somewhere else, they don’t know how to speak the same language, or because their beliefs are different. Where I work at there’s a mix of different countries and race, have different beliefs etc… I don’t think that where I work theirs team members that dislike others because I think that being at work is not to disfavor others. I think work is a place to work with each other and get along. When I think that theirs discrimination is the outer people that come to shop to Target. I remember one day in the morning, here was one of the team members that got her feeling hurt and she started to cry. What I heard that happened was that the “guest” had a question about merchandise and she went to ask the team member. Then the team member had difficulties understanding what she was looking for. So then the “guest” got and attitude with her and started talking to her nasty. She started telling her that she doesn’t understand why target hires people that don’t know what they are doing or them worth nothing. She also said that where she was from they don’t know how to do anything. So I remember seeing her running to the back crying.

The other time one of my friends was discriminated against. My friend is Hispanic and she went to apply to Gussini. The manager was going to hire her, and the manager asked if she was Middle Eastern, and my friend said, “no.” The manager then changed his mind, and he said that they did not need anyone right now. She felt very bad.

I believe that one day there will be no discrimination against each other, that there will be no more nasty comments or hard looks or making fun of someone because they are not like them. I believe that just because they are different color or because they are black or Spanish or they are Jewish or Christians, that we all have the same rights as others, and all should be treated equally. We are all humans, and we are born the same way. We all have the same feelings and five senses, and I do not understand why people don’t get along with others who are different from themselves.