This I Believe

Chris - Walker, Michigan
Entered on July 19, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: race

I Believe in Color

Last Night I dreamt in Color…

Last night I dreamt in color,

Of familiar shades and hues.

Of reds and browns and darkest black,

Yet this time something new.

Oh what I know of dreaming,

This does not include.

Of seeing colors closely,

Alive to share the news.

Oh, what I know of dreaming,

These colors should not be.

That Black and White and Gray scale,

Such standards we should see.

But in this dream of colors,

I did not leave or perish.

I woke with vigor, resolute,

Renewed, somehow less selfish.

Within this dream of color,

The clarity was fresh.

To see the world with dream filled colors,

To be so Godly blessed.

These colors are not so different,

The matte not greatly changed.

Yet through my heart and saddened eyes,

Their intensity has gained.

That I should choose to see my world,

In means which exacerbate.

That amplify my narrow mind,

To sounds which radiate.

I cannot stop my passion,

I cannot stop the swell.

I saw my world in colors

Of which ignorance has quelled.

It’s told that dreams they fade,

Their beauty time just passes.

That we should never see such color,

A torture for the masses.

Well I have seen this color,

Its beauty and such might.

I cannot choose to look away,

It resonates its plight.

I saw the blends of people,

The colors satiating.

Of all of us together

With hands of which creating.

That all should have their colors

Muted and repressed.

A fate of man to live this life

With ignorance so dressed.

If only it were possible,

To spread this dream to many.

To somehow garner common sleep,

And show these hues of plenty.