This I Believe

Leighton - Shasta Lake, California
Entered on July 19, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe

Yesterday I went to church. Sitting through its foolish, romantic distorted lies about the cultural distrust and its insistance to continue to ignore major discussions by just continuing to speak of how kind God’s love is for everyone in every circumstance. Forced me to confront What do I think Belifs are.

The concerns I have are these distorted pulpit pastors, who mis substitute words, and believe has become one of them. Beliefs are a toolbox in my hand. They are the acquiring of the tools I need to be using. I would not go to see a doctor who couldn’t name the bones in the body. I would not let you work on my car if you did not own a socket-wrench set. and I wouldn’t pay you to build my house not using a hammer.

For some reason when it comes to psychological toolboxes, many of these unimaginative institutions are unable to discuss examples that produce motivation. I am not a fan of biological endowment God. Praying to God like a two year-old and everything will take care of itself. Reflects complete nonsense to me. No! I don’t buy it! That doesn’t prove how hard I have had to work to create the gains in my life. I have a wierd disability that stops my retention of measurements smaller than a 1/4 of an inch across but top to bottom, I can measure an 1/8 of an inch comfortably. I got very frustrated and decided that the best way for me to discover what my disability really was doing was by going out and buying Mathematica, Maple, Matlab and Mathcad. These programs I discovered used vocabulary structured very differently than standard English grammar. Thus I was forced to revise my belifs.

We live in a technological driven society. Things can be explained, but you have to expose yourself to possibilities that share with you over time how embrace your dreams. Thats why I chose to believe in Mathematical Software. I don’t know how to voice my love of science, it is much harder to explain than the confusing church rhetoric where words are mis-applied and any challenge is condemned. I have been able to develop many skills that did not automatically emerge as I aged, and I have a lot of interesting ideas, but the polotics of many traditional pastors and the structure of traditional English does not weave its needle very well into the mesh of Science.

Believing in something is the element using section. The 1st verses in Genesis are not so much about some intelligence manufacturing the world. God said let there be ight, and there was light. God divided the day from the night. God saw that it was good and god made a firminant which he called land. These 4 sections really influence the guardian principles behind learning to educate ourselves in a complete set of universal circumstances. God said Let ther be light is akin to say find a sentence containing some element. If I wrestle to believe that sentence I will make another elemental sentence. If I connect two sentences together I have created power. Power is the connection of several elements. If I test that these statements are and find them to be true or a proof has been made. Or if I meet certain circumstances and the conditions become true. This I believe to be form. If I do this over several paragraphs we call that alignment.

This is a discussion of belief. I am so successful in areas of my life that I struggled for years to overcome. But it is so out of sync with these romantic foolish traditions that never did much for me. I am not liked by christians at all. and I don’t care. Thus my dilemma is that what does going to the trouble of developing an understanding. What I do changes my abilities but all I get from traditional types of folks for my attempts to understand skill building is gee, I haven’t heard that before. They don’t ask me questions or to back up so I love my belifs and vocabulary but there is a lot more openess that needs to be acknowledge by Religious development. Otherwise I do carry a sharp personality and its sad that I as a thoughtful student have to be sharp to get my point across.