This I Believe

Mona - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on July 19, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe………………………… does take a village to raise a child.

My entire childhood I always believed I would be a mother. Not just any old mother, I believed I was born to be a Mom. The best kind of Mom out there. I could not wait to find the ‘right’ guy, settle down and start nesting.

We built our family by way of adoption. We were lucky. Baby number one came bounding into our lives only 5 ½ weeks old, only a few hours after we signed the adoption paperwork and she has been the most amazing baby ever.

We opened our first restaurant a few months later and between baby number one and our ‘other baby’ (the restaurant) things were just wonderful and manageable.

Then several months later – we heard that there was a true sibling on the way for baby number one! What the heck – we were ready –after all how hard could it be? Had we not just had a baby and opened a restaurant all in the same 3 months, surely this would be a piece of cake!

Baby number 2 arrived right before baby number 1’s second birthday. A bouncing baby BOY!!!!!

What happened to our life? How did this little man enter into our world and completely turn it inside out? Why did no one tell me about the difference between boys & girls?

This baby – that would not sleep, could hold his own bottle at 4 months old, held on to his pacifier as if he would drown without it, walked at nine months of age and just recently at 17 months of age decided he would not die if he slept in his own bed (as opposed to his chunky body jammed in between my husband and I) – almost broke us.

It takes a village to raise a child and all you have to do is ask. We do not have family living close by, so while this little man stormed into our world an knocked all three of us off our pedestals – he stole the hearts of our friends and loyal customers hearts.

They came in droves and held him, and helped us. There was always someone asking to play with him or baby number one – so we could have time to bond or reconnect with each other. I kept telling my husband that I was going insane from lack of sleep and not being able to adapt to this little baby in our lives. He assured me time and time again that we would be just FINE. (feelings inside not expressed).

This I believe – that without our Village, we may have pulled through this just fine, but with them we are over the worst and have decided that we are not crazy after all.

I did however, trade in the mini van for a pick up truck – after all, my husband may be crazy enough to want a 3rd – but I am not!