This I Believe

Mary - Kent, Washington
Entered on July 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in psychic visions. I suppose my belief stems from a father who talked about them quite a bit. He always told stories about visions or dreams he would have. His dreams were usually about important monumental events in our family’s life. He dreamed about a close family friend when she died, he claimed to have seen a spirit in his uncle’s home and he dreamt about his mother’s death before she passed away as well. He would tell stories about his grandmother having visions throughout his childhood. A gift passed down from our Native American ancestors. (I am like 1/20 Native American mind you). So I always liked to imagine that I had this ability as well. As I got older I realized that if I had any psychic abilities at all they were most certainly defective. My own visions came in the form of day dreams and usually were about unimportant things that affected no one. I would day dream about spaghetti and my mom would have cooked it for dinner. Or I’d day dream about tripping on the side walk and a few hours later…you guessed it…I’d trip on the side walk. Or I’d be daydreaming about an old friend for a week and then I’d unexpectedly run into them. And yes, it is true that people do these things all the time, but whether you call it intuition, acute observation, instincts, or psychic ability, it’s all the same to me. Its knowledge we have that we are normally too busy to think twice about. I just think twice about it, that’s all. But even I will admit that sometimes, as a child, I did question the validity of these psychic tales.

Well if I ever had any doubt, one of the most traumatic events in my life would change my mind about that…

One night, about 10 years ago now, my parents woke up at the same time telling each other about the same dream. In both of their dreams a truck crossed the center line and hit the car my dad was driving, head on, there was a woman passenger and the only difference was that in Dads dream he died and in Moms he lived. Mom never had the dream again after that. Dad continued to have the dream for several months. He was sure that one day this car accident was going to happen it was just a matter of when. So, one day, he and I were picking up our two dogs from the vet. As we were driving I was preoccupied with the excited dogs, panting, and wagging their tails but Dad suddenly thought of his dream, he always assumed the woman in the accident would be Mom, he thought, “what if the woman wasn’t going to be Mom, what if it’s was going to be one of the girls”, he glanced over at me petting the dogs and realized I did not have my seatbelt on, “Mary buckle your seatbelt” he said, so I stopped petting the dogs, buckled my belt, and about 2 miles down the road a truck crossed the center line and hit us head on…

I lived, duh, I’m the one writing this story. Besides some internal bleeding, my injuries were minor. Dad lived too, but he was not as lucky. He had massive head injuries and years of rehabilitation. His frontal lobe damage was so severe he had to relearn almost everything. A couple weeks later, when the initial shock wore off, we realized Dad knew it would happen all along, and had it not been for his dream and a last minute seatbelt reminder I would surely be dead… That’s why, even if my visions of spaghetti dinners aren’t enough to convince me of my families psychic past I could never ignore the grander visions of the people much wiser than I, that’s why I believe in psychic visions.