This I Believe

Daniel - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on July 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

An Unbreakable Bond

I never chose slavery; slavery chose me. Since birth, subordination has defined my way of life. Entertaining thoughts of people who live differently, in the luxury of freedom, in the extravagance of choice, those thoughts are off limits. Life has taught me not to dwell on that which I do not have. Thinking of freedom has yet to change the explicit truth that I am a slave.

Everyone I know is a slave – my family, my friends, everyone. Never having the privilege of meeting a free man or woman makes me wonder if one exists. I am sure my master knows if such a person exists because he knows everything. Master’s wisdom travels beyond the comprehensible. Oh, I am sorry; I did not formally introduce you to him. My master’s name is Time.

Time reigns as master and lord. Time governs the cosmos. Time predestines life, death and all events in between. Time wields omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent ability. Time delivers the here and now, the there and then. Time surpasses the alpha and the omega. Time is, was and will be. Time controls me.

I must admit that my bondage just recently revealed itself to me. Before, I believed freedom abundantly inhabited my life. But captivity was simply disguising itself too much for me to recognize. Until one day, July 8, 2006, at 10:00 a.m. to be precise, I had a revelation. Everything began as normal for that Saturday. I arose at 8 o’clock, showered and walked out the front door by 8:25 to ensure a prompt arrival for work at 9 o’clock. But soon after, while working at my desk the revelation spoke to me with unquestionable clarity, “Daniel! You are a slave to time!” Was this a message from God or a demon? I pondered deeply. Regardless if the devil himself issued the message, it was still absolute truth. So I earnestly reflected time’s possible influence in my life and arrived at an eye-opening realization.

No thought dwells in my mind more than time because it solely dictates every action of my life. Sleeping, eating, cleaning, working, speaking, arriving, leaving, waiting; all actions performed because time tells me I must. Time informs me when to brush my teeth, when to cry, when to encourage my girlfriend and when to move away from a ball speeding towards my face. Everything revolves around time.

This revelation humbles me to the nth degree. Never before have I felt so insignificant on this earth yet reverent for the unexplainable and intangible. I mean think about this people! Deadlines, expectations, growth, celebrations, moments, memories, change; they are all products of time. To imagine living without time or a concept similar is impossible.

Nevertheless, to restrain myself from ranting further philosophical nonsense into your head I encourage you to remember at least one thing. Time may be the only constant in your life. Time may be the only force you can trust. Or perhaps time may be the only friend you can count on. The deeper I reflect on time’s significance in my life, I realize that the connection I share with time is a wonderful friendship more than an enslaving bond. Time is the friend who keeps my secrets and never leaves my side. Time is the friend that does not speed up or slow down when I ask, but instead remains steady and secure. Time is not always the friend I want but always the friend I need.