This I Believe

Nicholas - Parkville, Missouri
Entered on July 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: tolerance

This I Believe.

I am a student at a University in Missouri. I am studying Philosophy and World History. One of the first truths I uncovered in the very beginnings of my studies is the weight of the word belief throughout the world. I was raised under the influence of a Christian doctrine, though not very devoutly. I am currently a traditional atheist in the since that I believe in the verb God and recognize noun gods as icons.

After hearing a segment of “This I Believe” on NPR, I thought it was important to recognize the beliefs of twenty-somethings around the world; they are undoubtedly our leaders of tomorrow. My studies in Philosophy have lead me to a belief system with its axioms rooted in the basic principles of reason and logic.

On now, to what it is that I believe. I believe in the necessity of justified, true, beliefs as the foundational elements of our population as a world culture, beliefs that can be supported by evidence that is found in the realm in which I (we) exist. I do not judge people based on their religious beliefs. I believe in religious tolerance, and I need no ancient script to tell me this is a good idea. For a large part of the developed world this idea of tolerance has become as necessary for peace, as talks of diplomacy rather than promptly taking up arms against a culture.

Unfortunately, in the Middle East the cries of religious tolerance have been muffled by gunfire and high explosives. The refusal to recognize diplomatic means as a possible path to success by either the Israeli or Muslim factions profoundly impacts the world socially and economically. The quest for peace is undeniable. The means by which we expect to achieve this peace are, at times, questionable. However, until the spoken word can be heard over the AK-47, diplomacy will have to wait.