This I Believe

Sally - Jacksonville, Florida
Entered on July 17, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

It is my belief that we are in a time of great change for the world. The world is in such flux many are looking for the “chosen one”…in which ever releigon they practice. It always seems through history, when the world is in great trouble we call upon help and it has always come. That help is emerging now, again. And, it is my belief that the “Christ” and the Masters of Wisdom are emerging now. Each reliegon is looking for their chosen one…the jews for the Messiah, the Muslims the Imam Imadi, Hindu’s for the Krishna, Christians the Christ, and Buddhists the Maitreya Budda. It is my belief that they are all in one who is here now called Maitreya, the World Teacher. The Masters of Wisdom that are coming in also are helping humanity by guiding them in science, education, economy, releigon.

There is only one God and yet we have taken each releigon and put our own words and doctrin to them and call it the only way to think and believe. No wonder there are so many wars. Each reliegon has the same saying…”to love one another.” We have gone wrong because of each one’s insertion of what that means. Attaching rules and laws to it. One of the only ways I believe we can begin to get out of this moras that we’re in is to share, share, share. Share the food that we have with nations that don’t have it. Share information with countries that are being kept from receiving it. These are some of the things that the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom are helping us with right now. You can see it in between all the media stories of war and violence. Look for the positive information. Focus on that. That will help.

My feeling is, God Bless the World not just the United States. We ALL live on this piece of real estate floating around in space. The whole world is our responsibility. Begin with your own circle of influence. We are like stones in a pond. When thrown out there we create ripples of influence. You may touch one, you may touch many. It doesn’t matter. Look at each one as yourself…a soul in incarnation, learning to love. Love is extending yourself for the good of another.

It is my belief also that there is a flooding of light coming into the Earth now and that is the reason for so much turmoil. A metaphore for this is to take a glass of water with some dirt in it. Pour pure, clean water in that glass and watch the dirt turn and infuse the glass of water. Now as you keep pouring the dirt surfaces and pour out and you have a clean glass of pure water. I believe that’s what’s happening now with the world. So much light and good are coming in that it’s stiring up the negativity that’s in the world. People of power don’t want to give up their power, but they’ll have to because the Light WILL over power the negativity.