This I Believe

Arif - Verona, Wisconsin
Entered on July 17, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: children, science

What if we know of a force, which kills more human beings than anything else does? A force most of us are likely to die of. What if we have a way to protect against such a force, but are not doing enough?

Heart disease is such a force. It is the number one killer known to humankind. It is a disease of epidemic proportions, all over the globe, and especially the western world. I am a practicing cardiologist and interventional electrophysiologist. I see the whole spectrum of this menace and fight it every day. With the current estimates, however this disease is only going to get more prevalent over the coming decades.

We have made great progress in ways to treat this disease. So why is it that it still is rampant, and would continue to be humankind’s number one scourge for years to come? In other words, when it comes to heart disease why are we winning battles but loosing the war?

In my humble opinion, the key to ever controlling this epidemic of heart disease is the word called prevention. Once the disease is there it stays, and the proverbial goose is cooked. Our best chance is to prevent heart disease in the first place. This is easier said than done and is a task of enormous proportions. There are numerous organizations working towards this end with mixed results. Is there a better way of preventing against heart disease? Yes, I think so.

What we all know is that if we eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay away from smoking we will have less heart disease. So what do we need to do different? Children is the other key word here. We need to educate our children about heart disease and healthy life style. We have to stress healthy diet, regular exercising and ills of smoking convincingly and in different ways until it becomes second nature. We have to start with our very young, for the ease of habit forming. We can do this in numerous ways. Books, television, video, web, reality forums are just some examples. These concepts are our best chance of fighting heart disease and interrupt this vicious circle.

This is my goal and passion in life. I aim to work and collaborate for this cause.