This I Believe

Shannon - austin, Texas
Entered on July 14, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that we become what we believe. Belief is a free choice. We get to decide what we believe each day. That means that each day we really can begin anew. Things happen in life and that can effect our thinking, but we still get to choose to believe what we will.

The trick in maintaing our independence from the world around us is in reflection, prayer, and meditation. This does not have to be the right kind, or the correct religion version. Thank God! Personally I believe that we all have the same God whether we like that or not. Personally I meditate when I play tennis, run,garden, watch the news even. I meditate when I sit with others and listen, really listen. What I choose to think and say is prayer. Contemplating my thoughts is prayer. The best prayer I have found is being thankful of my life and everything in it as it is today, and sitting in that gratitude. I can usually do this after I have exhausted myself physically by running or playing tennis. Prayer is also in my actions. Prayer is the action of eating a little rather than a lot, of being gentle when I want to be rough, of having faith in our being even though we take our playful nature to the extremes of war and violence, of being kind when it embarasses me!

Become what you believe, and let your inner nature be your guide!