This I Believe

Brian - Barry, South Glamorgan, United Kingdom
Entered on July 11, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: question

I believe that there is no God. I would have to say that there are also various beliefs that I share with a large majority of the populus of Earth, such as gravity, love, birth and death.

The simple fact that most mass murders have been commited in the name of God sugests to me that, either:-

1) God does not exist.


2) Heaven and Hell are upside-down.

I appreciate this statement will offend many religious types, but what is more likely? That God is so vindictive that he would put all his seperate factions against each other, or that the Devil is so devious that 80% of the population follow him and only 20% are true believers!

It strikes me that the minority that don’t believe in a God are the least likely to go to war, or be willing to murder his fellow man.

An argument towards or against the existance of God could run as follows:-

Believer:- If there is no God then what reason would a non-believer have for being nice to his fellow man?

Non-Believer:- Because it is the right thing to do.

Believer:- But, without God, how do you know right from wrong?

Non-Believer:- I just do!

Believer:- That proves my case, there must be a God in order for you to know right from wrong.

Non-Believer:- If I could prove the non-existance of God, would you perform evil acts as a result?

Believer:- It would be impossible for you to prove the non-existance of God as I would never perform evil acts as it would not be the will of God.

Non-Believer:- I do not believe in God and I am a mere mortal, therefore, it should be easy for you to prove the evil acts that I don’t perform.

Believer:- You have already performed the most evil act possble in your non-belief in God. Q.E.D.

Non-Believer:- I can respect the ignorant, but, maybe, I cannot enlighten him.