This I Believe

Ken - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on July 11, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: death

The Stare Down

Daylight comes

It’s the last snow of spring

large oversized designs cling to the naked limbs outside the window

And there he sits,in a frozen pose

just staring at me,like I’m suppose to guess who he is. He’s an old one

I can tell by the faded coat

the colors no longer jump at me,they show age

and the stare,shows wisdom

The long ordeal is over

as loving as it was, it was still an ordeal

She is gone

Her body seems at peace

no remains of suffering,if there ever were any

She is gone

In the hour of transition from one date to the next,she went from today to tomorrow,that became today and yesterday

She is gone

From this side to the other,to that other,we only hope about

No matter how much we ask,no answers are given ’til we are yesterday

So what is he telling me?

That she made it

It’s ok It’s not ok?

What is it that I’m suppose to know?

It’s a staredown

Finally,I blink

and I know

He told me so in the dawn of this new day

The dawn of my new life

It’s over As he flies away,Iget the message

I believe