This I Believe

Helga - Bargteheide near Hamburg, Germany
Entered on July 10, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe: Talents – an individual gift from ‘God’

A little girl, Cecilie, lost her father when she was 8 years old. Two weeks after the funeral she came over and told me this story:

Two Gods in heaven were struggling against each other. They wanted to find out who is the most powerful of them both. A man – I believe it was the brother of Jesus – watched what was happening and told them to stop the fight. He said: ‘Think about my quotation: You are only strong and powerful inside.’ But they didn’t get the meaning. “I”, Cecilia said, “would have given them this quotation: Everybody has different talents. One is better at painting, the other is better at mourning.”

This little girl is a gifted painter and she plays the violin and she tells stories like this to comfort people who are in sadness about their life. She is in a school for handicapped children!!! How is this possible? I think this girl knows a lot more about the miracle of life than most adults. What is she teaching us?

I – like Ceci – believe that everybody has their own special talents. Everybody is unique and individual and the only thing we have to find out is what our gift is because this gift will lead us to the fulfillment of our value of life.

So start to find out what is special. Take the gift and unwrap it. This is the most important challenge in life, the most exhausting thing: To unwrap the gift without fear and doubt. We can be sure that there is something special inside!

And then, when you become conscious of your talent, you should start immediately to live your life. Honour your talents and start to practise them and don’t hesitate, don’t listen to the opinion of others. The biggest mistake is to waste time with distraction. The power is only in our inside, not in others. My way is my way, my focus is my focus and nobody should get a licence to stop me or to manipulate me. Once I have found my way I must stay and never leave it. This way is the best for me.

Imagine that life is a stage and you are the director, the playwright and the actor all in one and you are of course the central figure in your life. And don’t give one of the roles which are yours to others. They can’t have a part in your game named life because the ideas of others will be able to destroy your life.

What we have to learn is that we are our own experts – only we can find out what gives us sense on earth, nobody else.

Be brave and proud enough about yourself and then begin to do whatever you want: painting, playing an instrument, writing, dancing, singing …

Start – NOW.

Get in the spirit, be a good example to others and make a better world.

This I believe: Talents – an individual gift from God